About us

Alfa Novin is a global beverage and food business consulting company with over 20 years experience. Our experts will help you with formulation of your new beverage, set up production of your food & beverages and also create and execute an effective Cross-media marketing, sales and promotional strategy for your new or existing brand.

Alfa Novin international consulting company creates yearly over 30 new special formulations for customers from food & beverage industry. Alfa Novin cooperates with the best expert and leading companies worldwide in these fields to find the best effective results for your business and deliver you the highest quality consulting solutions.

Alfa Novin is specialized in functional (superfood), organic and healthy products. Increased consumer awareness of the long-term benefits of proper nutrition in overall health, as well as how it relates to specific health conditions, is driving new product development in the global market for functional and organic food and beverages that can combat various diseases progression and provide promising health benefits.

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